clogged He reads the title, those words where what underlies what I read, a process in prose, broke. question Apply to any given piece of writing a set of procedures, a program, as such a prior writing, in anticipation of a performance, a reading, an- other- writing, a writing—of l’avenir—to come. opening Or, in this instance, to a piece of writing that we have come to be affected by, that we have come to be closer to, after having found ourselves within it, found a voice within it, within, namely, Samuel Beckett’s ‘The Image,’ now, at last, a part, a part of part one, an image within his three-part unpunctuated novel, How It Is, beginning, comment c’est commençant: “the tongue gets clogged with mud,” summit and ending, “it’s over it’s done I’ve had the image”. heather Find all its 819,903 three-word perigrams. snout Search for all of these sequences in the index of Google Books and select only the 148,156 three-word perigrammatic phrases syntactically correlative with Beckett’s style but which are not indexed by Google Books and so might be considered as not yet composed by Beckett or by any other spider-indexed writer. tired Begin. Choose, at random, a three-word phrase that includes the first word “the.” are But then rather than simply taking another random phrase including the next word of ‘The Image,’ attempt to stitch together the unwritten, uncomposed sequences. mine Use Google Books searches once again to find existing, previously composed three-word phrases that straddle and link each proposed enjambement of successive unwritten three-word phrases. hers If we can find a three-word, verse-straddling phrase that has been indexed and counted by Google, then good: sweet accept the proposed sequent perigram and continue, don’t Repeating this subprocess until the end of ‘The Image’ has been obtained, darling until it’s over, it’s done and we’ve had the image, high until we have reinscribed its canonical, authoritative sequence of words dog within a linked chain of phrases morning that have themselves, so far, never been indexed by Google mud as written by Beckett or by anyone is in any tongue, clogged or straight. long Repeat from ‘Begin’ above, if you must, it’s endless, it’s over, it’s endlessly over. it’s

its the undefinable

line there tongue

and gets happen

image clogged straight

wide with stability

the they mud

that another vistas

that can vistas

last a happen

happen remedy too

it’s spit only

one swinging face

and remedy swallow

suck or then

it eyes pull

it say crown

the in emerald

and else eyes

it’s and suck

it’s it rosy

we there swallow

the isles fleeting

it helps mud

or we colours

it’s one spit

it sense go

out animals blue

red it’s pale

one silent axle

free or statues

the if emerald

a vistas other

red and impression

question white grey

mud is mouth

it throat dog

the nourishing question

and try clutches

as this vistas

last a vistas

a sunk dog

no I’ve moment

it’s with moment

that opening vistas

I shut granite

or fill vistas

that my lolls

in mouth hideous

with bite brief

it less shout

that suddenly blue

image can tongue

it of happen

we too weather

that nourishing it’s

another it crown

of front sandwiches

on my endearments

I resources can’t

last as weather

scene a bluey

the vistas moment

with tongue straight

in that lolls

and feet tweeds

question moment with

if humanities balls

of swallowed resources

and would vistas

it helps mud

hands in nourish

and eating steeples

last opening mud

at up clutches

of question grey

of last vistas

they would lolls

as are lolls

of swallowed good

one moments moment


and brief pastures

the black introrse

and at mingle

since there eyes

hands we time

are shout we

sight again girl

on yip no

the life introrse

snout and summit

the closes thirst

I suddenly dog

short the askew

to on rump

an its leash

in are hunkers

in little stillness

the same dextrogyre

it brief heather

it comes thirst

it lowers lick

its snout introrse

black contrary snout

one to cowslip

by its hunkers

with black pastures

the and racecourse

its pink dog

pink penis fleeting

we too egg-blue

penis tired black

to off dog

of lick contrary

it too remedy

of we swallows

high on accessories

the closing clavicle

contrary to snout

to again buttonhole

about to isles

the turn leash

to one introrse

fleeting face yip

to yip face

to we rump

to face suchlike

things at transfer

of off eyes

off yip things

swinging of towards

of if rosy

arms in consequently

silent on pink

face relishing city

to of leash

I towers sea

and sandwiches endearments

as one isles

heads of racecourse

it things pivoting

on introrse as

one morn stability

to free leash

the leash fair

city one introrse

and are fumes

of swinging silent

and location fumes

of swinging brief

on city steeples

and alternate swallows

of towers silent

heads we brief

I back morning

the steeples front

I as pivoting

the though front

us on yip

in clasped an

axle on she

head suddenly tail

we the dextrogyre

of are sandwiches

as eating silent

and swallows sandwiches

sweet and alternate

black dwindling bites

I believe grandstand

mine girl full

right she dextrogyre

bites back hers

and happen suck

heads as exchanging

with swallows endearments

to my egg-blue

mine sweet on

tongue girl full

I pull impression

the bite darling

she suddenly location

and mine swallows

it’s my happen

darling we sweet

boy hers on

girl she darling

of though bites

I there wrong

we our swallow

we go dextrogyre

boy hers don’t

swallow she yet

we swallow coo

with coo swallows

us our imagine

and don’t bills

full of clavicle

I my hers

black in darling

girl swallow across

throat I instant

she eating bite

she again bite

though I swallows

a my dextrogyre

darling swallow hand

I across boy

she as pivoting

and towers bites

I no piecemeal

or happen swallow

bite swallow brief

black turn face

and nourish vistas

for there lolls

a we racecourse

and are fumes

of again colours

in dwindling out

black again boy

with bite across

the stops plant

pastures of dwindling

hand of ash-grey

yellow in transfer

time I’m hand

in heights arms

swinging black towards

heads and sinistro

old we high

and towards swallow

first the hadn’t

we heights dog

smaller in across

and hadn’t outcrops

in smaller towards

all out rosy

I of cowslip

the sight granite

first is outcrops

the object dextrogyre

hunkers and dog

bites arms then

stops Malebranche us

the what gaze

to crest scene

sky is scene

scene shut like

of let transfers

us the yip

out smaller some

animals horse first

white still moment

the hunkers dog

dog sheep first

four like grapnels

I scene granite

outcrops a hadn’t

a dams bulk

head us horse

I follows dog

in hadn’t blue

hadn’t seen scene

scene standing sky

motionless the then

eyes back end

know bent white

rump head at

us sunk sheep

animals more way

animals know morning

in way blue

and question resources

white a hadn’t

some of hadn’t

it egg-blue sky

if a vistas

I image moment

I’ve still off

white April emerald

it’s white morning

in hadn’t like

instant the sinistro

since mud blue

it’s out hand

over thirst over

it’s none I’m

no done empty

out I’ve white

mud had image

some the hadn’t

the say image

the chins rump

the scene bluey

high is sheep

I grey empty

right a sinistro

that stay few

animals back horse

sight still horse

hadn’t a then

off goes animals

animals out blue

none no now

more scene over

some granite blue

we I impression

my stay thirst

I there thumb

way make arm

off it rosy

on immensity hands

the fleeting pivoting

right to sinistro

all in half-smile

the look egg-blue

sky it mud

the though pivoting

her hand leash

in opens there’s

stability and astraddle

the closes mouth

pull tongue that

none helps blue

grass me hold

it’s would rosy

I’m going sense

let no again

it notion head

I’m go sense

darling I brief

a realize tongue

there’s my I’m

empty still way

my smiling tongue

there’s going go

no still mud

I going sense

in across bites

it’s that happen

long now lolls

the been mud

mud none me

wide for half-smile

like a grapnels

long lolls I

let time long

little now leash

as my clutches

no now tongue

tongue comes thirst

of out heights

at again boots

up again lolls

in swinging bites

the ninety life

no mud moment

me I sixteen

it mouth stay

some there wrong

no tail rosy

for more lolls

a tongue thirst

the piecemeal doubt

it must tongue

in goes animals

our in racecourse

I the Malebranche

I looking mouth

on closes there’s

blue it legs

it’s must no

be mud far

a we grandstand

straight the gets

I line tongue

right now sinistro

it’s question fill

be thirst over

it’s closing full

sky a done

I’ve image over

sky had scene

those the again

one image tongue

[INFO] extract from a hybrid performance version assembled from imageZC04 and 03, joined at ‘protruding.’ 04 generated on Monday Nov 1, 2010 at 08:54; 03 generated on Sunday Oct 31, 2010 at 19:00, both with unlimited searches and count target for the stitched enjambements set at minimum of 3.