shadoof downloads

downloadable files and archives - chiefly writing in networked and programmable media - from John Cayley, originally made available at

sounds for translation & overboard

archive with dfe1.sf2, grin2.sf2, overboard rolls.sf2, and overboard bell.sf2 sound fonts for use with the 'overboard' and 'translation' series.
7.5 Mb


New QuickTime version (1.3) of riverIsland, in ''.
13.1 Mb

font for translation

Bordofix.ttf (fixed-width truetype) font for better display of translation movies on the Mac only

49 Kb


archive with files needed to run riverIsland (Mac only, requires Classic & QuickTime)
14.2 Mb


Cross-platform QuickTime rendition of 'windsound'.
23.1 Mb


archive of a standalone HyperCard-based work with interlingual morphing texts sited in a topology
14.7 Mb


archive with HyperCard standalone of 'windsound'
1 Mb

Book Unbound

archive with the original HyperCard work
635 kb


archive of a HyperCard-based text generator based on collocations
654 Kb

Golden Lion

archive of a HyperCard-based work with mesostics
650 Kb

html Prose

archive of critical writing in html
672 Kb

Leaving the City

archive of a HyperCard-based work responding to the late contemporary Chinese poet, Gu Cheng
658 Kb


archive of a HyperCard-based work with Irish & English interlingual mesostics
1 Mb


archive with a piece preparing for the web-based 'broadband interactive drama' 'what we will ...'
2.4 Mb

Reveal Code

archive of a HyperCard-based text generator based on collocations, with early comments on 'codework'
663 Kb

The Speaking Clock

archive with HyperCard version of the Speaking Clock - telling 'literal' time
669 Kb


Movie (problematic-does not provide an immersive p.o.v.) documenting 'Torus' work-in-progress.
23.6 Mb