i f   y o u   a r e   h e r e   . . .    


l i s t e n e r   m o v i e s
    t h e   d e m o n s   o f   i m p o s i t i o n

if more than one of you are here, please
turn your audio volume up, then
select & click one or two of the following :

passage(s) I :  deutsche  |  français  |  English

passage(s) II :  deutsche  |  français  |  English

passage(s) III :  deutsche  |  français  |  English

passage(s) IV :  deutsche  |  français  |  English


    m i r r o r s   o f   t h e   b e a c o n    

if you are here alone you may prefer to select & click
one or both of the following links, and/or return with companions.

map & text
(requires installation of sound font)

visual remediation

  n o t e s

  - click here to download and install QuickTime (if not already installed).
  - (right-)click + Save(-file-to-disk) (Windows) or (Ctrl-)click + Save(-Linked-File-to-the-Desktop) (Mac) here in order to obtain the sound font (file name: 'dfe1.sf2') that should be installed for the 'map & text' link above. On Windows machines, move this file into the folder: Program Files/QuickTime/QTComponents. On Mac OS X machines move the file into the folder: Library/Audio/Sounds/Banks. On both platforms, after installing the file, you must restart your browser and/or QuickTime Player.