augmented & reconfigured
by John Cayley   published by Counterpath Press  Spring 2023  ISBN 9781933996806
afterword by Garrett Stewart [ Programmatology ]

Dynamic • Ambient • Transactive • Time‑based

These works are organized into sections corresponding with those in Image Generation, the book.

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[Two] Snapshots


A prose poem with visual and dynamic concrete poetics. The notebook that actually runs this version is on the Observable platform, where you will be able to read commented code.


A prose poetic essay in explicitly paragrammatic language art. The text underlying this fundamentally dynamic, time-based work is an original composition on the interior oceanscape of breath that we experienced during the pandemic year of 2020, our respiratory rhythms threatened, invisibly, by disease. The code notebook has further details. A correspondent article first appeared in SubStance, #160 Volume 52, Issue 1, June, 2023, pages 97-99, copyright © 2023 Johns Hopkins University Press and Substance, Inc.


‘l’Image’ in How It Is

A translingual paragrammic reading of and writing with Samuel Beckett’s “l’Image,” a constituent of his last novel. The novel, Comment c'est, was composed in French and translated by Beckett himself. ‘Grams’ from 22 paragraphs of the French are found within the words of How It Is, from the whole of the translated novel. Hover over a paragraph and the French is highlighted. Adjacent English words contain and ‘define’ the French grams. Between these definitive collocations, the artist adds Beckettian phraseology to render the resultant constrained narrative more hospitable, more ‘how it is.’