augmented & reconfigured
by John Cayley   published by Counterpath Press  Spring 2023  ISBN 9781933996806
afterword by Garrett Stewart [ Programmatology ]

Dynamic • Ambient • Transactive • Time‑based

Inaugurated to coincide with the augmented and reconfigured Image Generation, this site lists work I’ve made based on the webstack (html, css, javascript, etc.) Since 2021 or so I am also making extensive use of a live-coding notebook platform for this stack, Observable.

Click the title or thumbnail to give full attention to each piece. The web-based work will open in a new tab or window. Unless otherwise indicated, after doing so, please: View > Full Screen.

passing thoughts

Adapted from the author’s own translation of the classical Chinese quatrain ‘Passing Thought (one of nine)’ by Du Fu (712-770), this is a looping combinatorial presentation, produced in October 2023 for the Word Shelter, a spilt-flap display housed at the Wedding Cake House, Providence, Rhode Island.


All the emphasized words – which some editions may set as small caps – in Henry James’ Preface to The Ambassadors presented within one minute, the intervening durations within each minute proportional to an average time taken to read the words between those emphasized. Looped animation.


reading, the word. Just.


All the possessive and objective English pronouns; paired nouns with sublitteral differences; verbs evoking the nine affects. Minimal linguistic change for maximal affect and significance. Derived from this notebook on Observable.