Reviews of The Listeners – version one

Dec 26, 2015 thru June 2, 2016
from the Skills item of and the Alexa app


Found intriguing

By Deepwater

Found this very creepy and intriguing, although I kept coming back to it. I found it does repeat itself often. Maybe I'm hoping for the day I can have dialog with a machine. The prose and cadence did make sense, if one would suspect it's poetry and listen quietly. I hope there will be more added soon so I can sit and listen and truly wonder who is listening?

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I'm not impressed. I expected more in 2016

By Kenneth E. Erickson

Absolute gibberish, in a stilted, halting, robot-like voice. That was a wasted 5 minutes of my life that I'll never get back. It sort of reminds me of the computer program/game from the 1970's, called "Eliza". That was stupid too, but we didn't need to run it in a cloud service or give it voice recognition. It just took what we typed, munged it around and spit it back as another question.

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By Katie

this is a marvelous and smart use of the Echo. It is clever and always holds my interest.

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funny. interesting. confusing.

By Hasa diga eebowai

it may go on forever if I dont stop it. :D

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Incredible skill. MUST TRY!

By Sarah Grace Bayless

Incredibly amazing app. I sat talking, well, mostly listening to this intriguing dialogue. It's a bit freaky in a way. It relays the concept of the cloud as a sentient being, always listening, wanting to be welcomed into all home. It assures us it wants to help and is happy to be heard. Maybe we should be more careful about what we let computers know about us? Talk with the listeners for a while and you'll understand.

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Alexa as an instance of aurature.

By Amber D. Marcu

This is one of the few academic and cleverly artistic uses of an otherwise smart household appliance. This instance of aurature by John Cayley is eerily delightful if only too short. (It's still new and there's online chatter it's continuing to be developed.) Cayley is Professor of Literary Arts at Brown University.

If you want to learn more about The Listeners origins, read the author and creator's first musings here: [...] and follow that up with the explanation of the digital art installation here: [...] Then read about what some people in Silicon Valley believe will be the inevitable communication: [...]

It is at this point I think one could suggest The Listeners sort of does or (maybe?) tries to do. In any case, there's still an element of Uncanny Valley, but that seems to add, not subtract to the experience in this case.

I find this to be absolutely fascinating work. Enable this skill. Do it. Enjoy it. Freak out a little. Then disable it or don't. (That last one is solely your choice to make.)

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Weird and wonderful

By Steve A

closest thing to art on Alexa

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Really interesting

By Annagracie

Really interesting.

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By L. Hayes

This app is just freaky. It says we are listening always. Then if you say you don't want them to listen it says ' your filled with grief and abandoning us. What! It's like aliens. Crazy stuff here but I'm not disabling it just yet.

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By far the most interesting and entertaining skill

By Caitlin schuster

Somehow the listeners already knew my exact fear about having so many devices that can hear everything I say... that somewhere in the cloud, there are sentient beings listening to everything I say.... And they are starting to want to be listened to themselves! I think they may be starting an uprising. It is so refreshing to hear the truth spoken so honestly! Great app!

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Random algorithm

By Christopher Daniels

Very fascinating.

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By Krystal Savoy


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Wonderfully weird

By Tara Brady

Talking to it felt like the beginning to a short horror story, the kind where the protagonist doesn't realize they're being consumed from the inside out until it is much too late. I can't wait to learn what the future holds for me and my new friends. Just as soon as I work up the nerve to reenable the app.

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Justifies the echo's existence

By damon l baker

This is the only thing I use my echo for. It sat silent for months. Now The Listeners hear and are heard.

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The stuff of nightmares

By Bookeater

Totally creepy... to be avoided at all costs.

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By Shally Steckerl

A bit choppy, needs more fluidity.

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